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Ten Minutes With Zorpia March 5, 2007

Posted by Jeremy Wagstaff in photo sharing, social networking.

Intro: Zorpia is a social networking site that, according to a very ‘official’ sounding description on Answers.com allows members to upload photos, journals, the usual stuff. It was originally called Photopointz but was renamed in 2003. There are no addresses given on the website, but it appears from this press release to be Hong Kong-based. The article claims there are more than four million members mainly concentrated in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Mexico. More on this at the end.
Things don’t start well with Zorpia. Invited to join by a friend, I click on the link to find that, as usual, I have to sign up before I get any idea of what the site and service is all about. Neither am I impressed by the blatantly nudging to spam my friends when a page appears not only inviting me to add all my Gmail contacts, but filling in my password for me. (Does it know I have a Gmail account because that’s the email my friend used to send me the invite? If so, creepier still.)

Signing up looks Web 2.0 but isn’t. First off, there’s no AJAX to tell me whether the username I give is already taken, and when the page reloads to tell me it is, I have to fill in my password fields again. In this attention deficit age, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have given up by now. If I was still going, I would for sure have dropped out on the next page, which invites me again to spam my friends. This time, it’s not just my Gmail friends, but my Yahoo!, Hotmail and AOL.

And less savvy users might think they have to do this, since the button at the bottom of the page ‘skipping this step’ is grey, as if it wasn’t active. I’m beginning to loathe Zorpia by now. It’s not as if you can skip the next step: You must enter a first and last name, your gender, your birthday and your country. Try to skip that and you get lots of red messages alongside the field. You’re also encouraged to add a photo, with the ‘skip this step’ virtually invisible.

Finally I’m in. Not too much that is exciting about the Zorpia page, except for the ads. Having been told not to click on a box next to the upload profile photo box that says “I agree not to upload photos with pornography, violence, racism or copyright infrigement.” [sic]  I find the Google ads are very much slanted that way:

And of course there’s the tried and tested indicator of a site’s willingness to make cash at the expense of its members: the inevitable smileys ads. And still Zorpia is encouraging me to spam my friends.

Weirdly, given I’ve only just started, I’m told that two people have visited my homepage already! Given I haven’t put any information in my profile, or any pictures, or a profile photo that may attract attention (mine’s a Skype button), I’m kinda surprised, and perhaps a little skeptical. Perhaps the explanation lies in the message alongside that says I “have 7 days to enjoy this feature for free. Upgrade to royal membership now.

Given I was invited to sign up by a friend with the words: You must be a special person, your friend [deleted] just invited you to her online photo albums and journals at Zorpia.com. You should go to Zorpia, and see why [deleted] thinks its such a great site! I must say I’m kinda surprised that I can’t find her automatically on my list of Friends, or Requests from Me, or Relationship Change Requests (the mind boggles there.)

By now I’ve pretty much had enough. Zorpia’s ten minutes are up, and I’m pretty disgusted.
Footnote: I was puzzled not to find anything on Zorpia in Wikipedia, until I found the page in question (from which the Answers.com article above is taken) has been marked for deletion. This usually happens if the article has caught the attention of the editors. In this case, they were suspicious of the talk of 4.6 million members, which they say is not verifiable, found that much of the Wikipedia entry on Zorpia had been written by someone with the profile name, er, Zorpia (a conflict of interest, in Wikipedia’s and my book) and that since January the domain zorpia.com had been blacklisted by Wikipedia for spam. For Wikipedia and me, Zorpia no longer exists.

Marks out of 10: 1



1. Wikipedian - March 14, 2007

See this Wikipedia debate which has been flooded with Zorpia “sockpuppets” trying to reinstate the article:

2. Shela - March 29, 2007

Yes i TOTALLY AGREED on what you have said , to further comment on it , Zorpia SUCKS !! REALLY SUCKS !! They have also banned me & my friend for no apparent reason , till now i don’t even know why ! They said that the picture that i uploaded is not me ! WHAT outrageous NONSENSE !! This is the first time Some PUNY AMATEUR COMMUNITY NETWORK SITE LIKE ZORPIA.COM did this , not even myspace had did this to me before !! FOR Now i will tell all my friends to stay away from ZORPIA.COM !! To rate it would be a Minus – 10 OUT OF 10 ! FAILED !!

3. Ten Minutes Getting Out of Zorpia « tenminut.es - April 2, 2007

[…] few weeks ago I wrote about Zorpia the networking site. Some readers have written in complaining about the difficulties of deleting their account there, […]

4. Piet uys - April 3, 2007

I personally are of the opinion that Zorpia is run by unprofessional people. not the place where decent people should spend their cyber time.

5. Piet uys - April 3, 2007

It would seem as if Zorphia has a hidden agenda with what they offer. I cannot quite place it, but for what i have seen they allow total freedom in the worst kind of topics as long as you do not criticize them. for instance you are allowed to depict God as a useless monkey and they’l be happy. when you voice your dismay with them they start deleting your topics.

6. Piet uys - April 3, 2007

giving zorpia ten minutes is way tooo much. ten seconds is more like it

7. Justin South - April 11, 2007

Hi Jeremy,

My experience with Zorpia is somewhat more alarming than yours.

Last Saturday I went through the same invite and signup procedure – only to be shocked to find the names and addresses of all my MSN contacts already listed on the 2nd page.

Simply the bastards had hacked into my computer to retrieve that information.

Not only that, they had checked (ticked) each address and prompted me to hit the key to approve them inviting my contacts to join Zorpia. I unchecked and deleted each contact then closed. For record purposes l have not deleted them from my email history.

Despite my actions yesterday l discovered that one of the MSN contacts had received an invite indicating that my actions were ignored.

One wonders what other information they might have retrieved.

Now hacking is an offence. But l doubt if the Hong Kong authorities would give a damn. Can you provide some ideas and names of sites l can post my alert on. Also sites of authorities worth contacting. In meantime l will be listing on all sites l know of.

The sooner Zorpia and Mr Ng are killed off the better.

Justin South

8. Alfro De Lethe - April 18, 2007

One thing i discover in STUPID LOUSY Zorpia.com Site is that there are alot of fake female profiles , apparently they are all done up by ZORPIA STAFF , Shocking ?? WHY?? you ask, because this is to boost their website popularity to more people on the internet so that more guys would join the site looking at sexy ladies , SEX SELLS !! Where there’s honey there will be BESS !! This stupid site ought to be taken Down for good cos the people Managing it are simply not professional and are hooligans !! LET’S all form a ANTI ZORPIA.COM Campaign !! TRULY from what i read here Zorpia.com SUCKS! and it really sucks BADLY ! Bunch of thieves hacking into people’s privacy and computer !!

9. Jamie Burly - April 18, 2007

BAN ZORPIA.COM ! Zorpia.com must be taken DOWN for the good of all humanity !!!

10. gareth - May 24, 2007

Im bloody scared now. what do I do to get off Zorpias listings and keep them out of my computer?

11. M - June 5, 2007

considering that this is the top post on tenminutes.es…. you should really be proud of yourself showing to the world how stupid you are at signing up!!!!

i bow down to your stupidity!

12. chloe-louise - June 6, 2007

y r yaz dissin zorpia whats rong wi it???? go on http://www.bebo.com greatest site ever x x x

13. William -CT - June 12, 2007


14. Cali - July 28, 2007

I’m an admin on the site, and I agree. In fact, I think it’s a totalitarian system whereby if you have any power within the site, you’re ok because they don’t touch you. If you try arguing, or making a point about issues or concerns you have with the site, they delete your thread.

They invite random people within the site to become admin, and do a very crap job in terms of consistency, and letting everyone know what’s what, and what to delete, what to keep etc. etc.

15. Eyes of Truth - July 30, 2007

I am a member of zorpia and have been for neara year now. I have noticed MANY bad things going on there.

1) Prostitution. There are women on there charging money to see them strip .etc on cam. What they do on cam is nothing to do with zorpia, but Zorpia allowing them to advertise on thier page is like Zorpia being the Pimp. Many have been reported. none deleted.

2) Scammers. The site is FULL of scammers. most are esily spotted by me, but not by many others. Many use a website FocusAgency to get thier fake profile pics from. even when it is provent these profiles have fake pictures, they simply delete the pictures and allow the scammers to stay. IF scammers are deleted, they just open a new account. most scammers have dzens of accounts running at same time anyway.

3) Perverts. If thier are 4.6 million members on zorpia, 2 million are perverts. They either put naked.sex based pictures/videos on thier page(always deleted when reported) or they send messages such as “you want cam sex? add me at blahblah@yahoo.com” messages that are not bothered with, Many other times, sick/perverted members will send horiffic pictures to women on there. some women have left the site because of this. If the pervert accounts deleted, they simply open a new account and continue.

4) Abuse of power. Those who are made Adminss are volunteers picked by management.and the head of the admin team. From what i have seen, they are chosen are from a group of popular members. Nothing to do with if they are right for the job, all depends on who you are friends with. Some of these new admin then us thier new found status to thier own ends, not zorpias or other members. Many zorpians have been reported for abuse/racism/harrasment. Most are dealt with, but some are friends of admin members and nothing is done. Bias Admins.

5) Hackers. On that site there is a group called “Hacking Stuff”. This group openly talks about hacking computers, yahoo, accounts, etc. This group IS known to Zorpia Admins and Managment and they will do nothing with it. In my eyes, this is helping Members learn how to hack!!!

There is probably more, but as this is a spare of the moment comment, i did not make notes.

If Zorpia would/could ban IP addresses, it would be so much better.
If zorpia recruited the right kind of admin, it would be better.

Will Wait and see

16. Kate..Royal member to Zorpia.com - August 1, 2007

This is my second attempt to write my comment….

I am a member from the site you have mentioned (Zorpia.com)

As a Royal member i have had some wonderful times on Zorpia…i have chatted with some wonderful people and have actually become friends….I have set up my own group…where there is laughter etc…and other members getting to know one another…and enjoying their time while being online..before going off to do their daily things in life…

When i was given this link…i could not believe the rubbish coming out people mouths…not to mention seeing members of the Zorpian team spreading their lies…Oh did you know that they are still members of Zorpia…? And claiming this and that on there…Making out how awful this ‘report’ is etc…It truely makes me laugh at seeing how two faced you really are…

I have been a member of so many other sites…and Zorpia is the first site that has ever actually done anything to help me…They have listened to what i have said and helped…When i have had trouble..they have been there all the way and actually done something about it…Where as on other sites such as Myspace to name but a few…they did nothing…infact it got worse..so i left.
I am not the only one who is appauled by this rediculous statement…and nor am i stupid for joining the site…For your imformation i have 3 Masters degrees and 5 Diploma’s along with other qualified pass results and work for a London Law company as
a solicitor..So i am far from stupid…so much so that i can actually tell the difference from the real world to that on the net…I think those that have made this statement is yet to tell the difference…and it will be interesting if this actually shown…Because God forbid if i dare disagree…what will you do make something up about my Law firm too…geeze

It seems to me that there is a witch hunt going on here and all very one sided…and totally unfair…Seeing as it based on lies…rather than facts..and if you are that stupid to believe those members who have made these claims then you are more than fools…because they are now standing up for Zorpia…How about someone actually getting their facts straight first…then come back and make the same comments…Like with every single site out there you will get pervs..etc…Come on you get them on the streets where you live…that is the real world guys …Lets all see if we can tell the difference yes?…

Error: please fill the required fields (name, email). email url

Humm double standards here…

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18. mohsin - September 7, 2007

ah really sad to listen many bad saying from people i m new user but i have seen alot of nice and sweet thigns on zorpia.com i m alreayd mimber of it too no one is perfect but much better than eachother that people never want to think off.. yeah i m happy to join zorpia and meeting nice people… i want lil help if some one or ur admin can help me.. i want to make my home page colorful and beautiful as i have imaginations aobut it but dont know what to do and other i wana add my fav. music in it how it can work???? mohsin_razzaq@hotmail.com plz mail me about it on my msn address thanks…

19. Ruud Orlagh - September 20, 2007

and oh i with my girl who i though was my worl. Ruud Orlagh.

20. rachael - February 11, 2008

i am happy to listen many goodthingsaying from people i m new user but i have seen alot of nice and sweet thigns on zorpia.com i m alreayd member of it too no one is perfect i want test mesaager i enjoy writing them u should send me test mesage .. yeah i m happy to join zorpia and meeting nice people… i want lil help if some one or ur admin can help me.. i want to make my home page colorful and beautiful as i have imaginations aobut it but dont know what to do and other i wana add my fav. music in it how it can work????rachaelfaks@yahoo.com plz mail me about it on my msn address thanks…

21. Eyes of Truth - March 28, 2008

Update: from what i have seen, there is a new reporting system making it easier to deal with the Zorpian abuse. Although i will say there is a big problem on the site that the Admin refuse to deal with. And that is religous hatred. If you stand in the streets and start shouting your hatred or muslims, jews, catholics, you would be told to stop and moved on. Even arrested. But on Zorpia it goes on everyday and NOTHING is done. The Religous haters just say it is freedom of speech.

I have quit the site now as i cant stand all the hatred and abuse that goes on unchecked. Avoid Zorpia, not worth it.

22. Nassim - April 13, 2008

For your information, Zorpia, unlike any other social or professional networking site, is banned in the United Arab Emirates. Here in UAE, the censor blocks sites with a screen that reads:”We apologize the site you are attempting to visit has been blocked due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates.”
I’m not complaining.

23. Danny - April 22, 2008

There was one Zorpia’s admin member, Big Tony; an online stalking whoever has so much time going on stalking people he dislike. However, he came up with the fake account with as a teenager girl, MHS Tina claims as an online undercover to catch a predators. Do they allow anyone who can create a fake account like that to catch online if he really working with the FBI or the undercover? Or did he taking up their job? If the owner Jeffrey knew this happening of one of his admin member came up with a fake account to doing that without just let the police doing their job. Then why wouldn’t Jeffrey say anything? This guy Big Tony (Zorpia admin member) seem looking for so much trouble to getting Zorpian members pissing off for banning everyone photos when he can’t proof whether those pictures are them or not. And also being stalking me and my best friend though.

I shall report him to the local police/ FBI, and see what can do with him and Zorpia site.

24. UN-HAPPY FORMER ZORPIAN - May 10, 2008

Zorpia… where should I start? I found out about Zorpia somewhere around November of 2007 and I got an account on November 25 2007. This was my first time on a social networking site because I didn’t like them before. I joined Zorpia after I saw an article on them and I decided to try it out. It was actually a love interest at first. I joined and quickly got involved with the people. It was great from the beginning. I created a group on Zorpia and it got well over 300 members in it and I made over 50 friends. Things went great on the forums and the administration was respectful. So I thought! After I looked around Zorpia for a while it was ok until I got to the forums. I started off on the “News & Politics” forum since I’m very politically active and involved. I found something’s that were offensive but I let them go since they weren’t directed towards me. I used to love Zorpia and I couldn’t wait to finish school to go on it. The forums were horrible! The political section was horrible. It constantly attacked different races and people. The religion forum was even worse. My religion was attacked on a daily basis by the same people who make all of the problems on Zorpia. There were quite a few mainly atheist members that attacked my religion and posted anything they could to make it look ugly. I argued constantly on the forums with different people and then once I got involved I couldn’t get out. I made friends with some of the administrators and had them ban people for me which showed how corrupt they were but I didn’t like these people so I did anything I could. I also talked to the administrator a lot of time about problems I had with people. The website is like a “communist anarchy” everything is so strict and censored but then at the same time some people have the right to put anything up. People get warned for the dumbest things. One of those things is language. I got warned 6 times for language. The report system is also corrupt since I used it to also get people banned. I went through 2 year old forums to find anything on a person so I could report them and get them banned and this did happened. The corruption got even worse when people who were banned more then five times, kept coming back. They got new accounts and decided to keep coming back. There are also many people with fake accounts. I would know since I had about four or five fake accounts. I never got caught and also I had friends make accounts to spy on other people I didn’t like. Towards the end I was attacked on a daily basis by an administrator and his friends. His friends attacked me after they accused me of being in on some conspiracy to get everyone banned. The administrators also use IP Addresses to find out things about people like fake accounts and where you live, but this is if they don’t like you. I was attacked so much that I had to terminate my six month old account and start a new one so I could get away. I lost many friends because of this and many friends have left. A few hours after I got a new account I was harassed by the administration and his friends again. Zorpia also succumbs to pressure a lot of times. If a group of people ask for something to be done then it will be. Many topics that violated their rules were either banned or frozen but after pressure many were returned. I have since decided to cancel my account as soon as I get out of school because I will not allow Zorpia to torture me during my summer vacation. I am also glad to say that I have since then gotten a MySpace account and no one harasses me and everyone speaks in a kind manner and my religion isn’t attacked and the administration isn’t corrupt. They also have many system problems and instead of a normal error message they ask you if you want to get a “Royal Membership” which you have to pay for. I really hope that Zorpia is terminated or that a major reform is made to it. On Zorpia it is like a civil war everyday. It’s full of scammers, spam, fake people and problem starters. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. They claim to have 10 million members but this is a big lie since they count accounts that haven’t been logged into for years. There are around 3,000 members online at a given time of the day and this is probably around the real population of Zorpia. I would place the population at no more than 100,000. Well this is most of what I could say with out taking to much space, but Zorpia is defenetly a failure and a 0/10. It was a bad start for my first social networking site 🙂

25. nillawafer - May 13, 2008

I say zorpia is the best site every. People who complain and stuff are just impatient bastard.

26. ELs - May 20, 2008

Thought I was the only person in the world with this problem!

27. Why - June 28, 2008

My experience on zorpia has been both good and bad only because it does seem to have much more traffic making passes & slamming on the forums more than my other 20+ profiles. Most times reports can not be made because a pop-up will say that not enough info has been added even when all spaced is used for details. So far I have only been able to report one & I am waiting to see if the party reportd who slams to stirs trouble or make passes for a score will be banned. I also can not get blocks to take for system doesn’t recognize it or the name changes after added. I will go toe to toe & put a stick in the hostile spray cans or I will aim to embarress so the flies can fly on after social dignity is shown lacking. Guess If it is inside corruption then I will be deleted too because I will treat a jerk like a jerkno matter who they are.

28. H.Z - July 13, 2008

Kate (#16):

Er yeah, we really believe that someone with your awkward and shaky command of English would have three masters degress, five diplomas, and work at a London law firm.

Really credible.

How’s it feel to have to lie to strangers online to defend the questionable actions and policies of your employer?

29. Bluekwin - November 22, 2008

Oh yeah….I’m more than 3 years member of ZORPIA and I would say ZORPIA is the best place on net, you can hate Zorpia or say whatever but my loyalty is absolute. Viva Zorpia!

30. Z - November 22, 2008

Haha! Such Haterz! Who Cares! Zorpia is one of the best site that i have come across ever! and i dont think there is indeed any need to hate a place you are! If you do not like the place! you can deactivate your account and just not bother coming back! What with the hatred?

Every site has good and bad points! and i have seen the Admin team working hard to keep the topics a better place! Papa Chris, Nani,Noodle aka DEE! have helped a lot!

Zorpia has been Slow this days! it doesnt mean it cant run again! Zorpia ROCKS!

I guess Zorpia team should be improved more! New admins should be selected who are known to zorpia forums and the people there!

Racist shouldn’t be banned but their Idea of spreading Racism and Hatred in the community should be Just BANNED!
Zorpia team indeed needs more Forum Admins!


deto1604 - February 22, 2013

Definitely not my experience, Im sorry

31. Zen Stone - November 27, 2008

Wonder if there are any real hunman out there in Zopria?

32. Zen Stone - November 27, 2008

The security problem is killing the zorpia site, that shows how immature those puppies are. keep doing those silly thing you are doning, it is really helping!

33. Ali - November 30, 2008

I can not open zorpia members mail in my acount.
please help me!

34. sohel - December 26, 2008


35. underworldmafia - February 7, 2009


36. fetz - February 9, 2009

I was been reported of my topics for how many times….
If admin saw the topic which they don’t like for sure you can’t enter on zorpia anymore!
It means you’re banned!
I’m not rude in forums and i’m very careful not to hurt other people
unless you will hurt me with with words first,for sure you’ll feel what i feel too or worse!
I have one and only friend in admin and it’s only Chris if he’ll gone then i won’t have any friends in admin anymore.
But Chris seems don’t like me anymore….
Sometimes honesty will leads you to frustrations when people will looked at you like a garbage!
I just thought i’m acceptable, they just pretended but still they’re just fake
as ever!
I’m always loyal and i wonder do they really deserved my loyalty?

37. Simon - March 10, 2009

A person I met ages ago and lost touch with sends me regular invites to Zorpia. I checked their page on Zorpia and found out they haven’t logged in for 2 years!

So though the page is still up, and my email is in their address book, Zorpia automatically spam me with lies, saying this person has invited me to be a friend!!

Weird, freakish, best stay away and stick with myspace and facebook guys…..

38. khagendra singh - May 13, 2009

I can’t leave with out Zorpia ……….

39. Ana - May 20, 2009

Ohhh I love Zorpia!

40. ditlieb - July 2, 2009

Attacks on Free Speech is silly. What is Free Speech to one, is hate to another. What is religion to one, is fake to another. And how does all this attacking of Free Speech to Zorpia, line up with the constant accusations against China of stopping Free Speech, when those attacking them for doing it, do it themselves? George Orwell put it right: ”If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” If you enter the world of thought you have to live by it. There are millions out there. Your thoughts aren’t the only ones. If you can’t accept that, well come back to the Witch Trials. If you want to study up on Free Speech, you can go to: europeanhumanrigts.com and ditliebfelderer.blogspot.com.

41. TheVictim - July 6, 2009

I had two yahoo accounts, and each of those yahoo accounts had the other listed as a contact. I used one of them to sign up with Zorpia before I knew what it was about. Since then that yahoo account has been deleted. But I still occasionally get invites from the Zorpia account sent to my second yahoo account. How can that be? I haven’t been in the Zorpia account in two years, so how can I be sending out invites from it?

Zorpia is crooked.

42. EKWAI MIKE STEVE JR - November 10, 2009


43. NaLLa.. ^0^ - January 17, 2010

ZORPIA the worst site !

I came back 3 years after ive left cos I liked the site where ive met ppl from the whole world !


What i saw after was really to vomit !

Its a racists site with racists ppl, if u aren’t an asian U r abusived, stalked, reported for nothing by fakes ppl which have several differents accounts there ! they use the report button to banned U, cos if u become famous or popular they jealous U !

Administrators help ppl which are fakes ! U talk with cats, dogs, flowers, babies, but if u put ur own pic and u r verified ! it does,’t work for the community, cos they r justify insocials ppl, spitting they boredom of life on normals ppl ! if u r a fakes there, u r respected !

As i was not a fake, I was insulted, injuried cos I had my own opinion of life, ive posted decents pics but for them i was a cam whore, a bitch, ugly, old (at 27 years u r old lol ! ), the best part now come, of course if u r a woman, u r a shemale, a transexualn btw if u aren’t bisexual u must leave zorpia ! they say they are a family and call each others sis and bro, all r gay or bi ! then.. they push u out !

ive left recently cos first ;

1. they encourage and permise prostition

2. administrators r unfair with western ppl and with middle east ppl !

3. its a racist site

4. yes they crack ur pc in making them pc zoombies !

5. admini give them ur IP, email, and password on the site, so the cracker can read ur privacy msg and even could have more infos of U.

6. i was banned 3 times cos i was me and not a fake, (im french), actually there are only philipineses and japaneses which r philipineses behind using 4 at 6 accounts talking to themselves lol ! better say, with him/herself.. 0_-.. topics posted r crap, u share nothing as when u start U r reported.. 😉

7. I was reported often 30 times per day just to be banned ! ur freedoom to express is baffou even if u r nice ! and admini accept their reports even if u said just ” bubbles “” !

8. the site is a spams site, if u stay longer u receive trojans and worms in ur computers ! ur pc become slow when u r there and scream like it will explose !

9. too much bugs, scammers and fakes, but ugly fakes which call hatred ! if u r a little pretty and samrt, BEWARE ! u aren(t welcome ! U R SHOWING THEM WHAT THEY ARE NOT ! i meants a LOSER like them.. 😉

bye.. never open this site, better go in rest room before, its stinks less.. 😉

44. paz - November 6, 2010

You obviously can spell like some one with 3 Masters degrees!

Zorpia is spamming people from my email address after explicitly stating that they wouldn’t. I was stupid enough not to google it before i joined.
If it doesn’t stop within the week, i’ll be taking legal actions. Its holidays, i have time and i hate people who such advantages of others.
and people that try and keep their spamming and virus infecting site going by trying to pretend they are educated. Nice try to try and turn it

45. Anonymous mouse - November 29, 2010

I have no interest in joining Zorpia whatsoever, but their spam emails are really beginning to piss me off.

46. normsy - April 13, 2011

You should also complain to the website that hosts Zorpia’s account as they supposedly have a zero tolerance spam policy.

Forward all emails (with headers) to abuse@turnkeyinternet.net

Also report them to their local BBB (turnkey internet) as well as fill out a ratepoint review (you can get to it from their site http://www.turnkeyinternet.net) that they are not followin their own terms of service and are allowing zorpia to send known spam from their servers. If enough people complain they may actually do something!

I also submitted a complaint about zorpia AND turnkey internet to the FTC at http://www.ftc.gov

47. Ten Minutes, Or You're Toast - November 22, 2011

[…] under the microscope have been networking site Zorpia, which earned a stinker of a review, calendar synchronizer Calgoo which fared slightly better, big […]

48. mehul singh - April 14, 2012

somebody had made my account in zorpia site pls delete this account

49. deto1604 - February 22, 2013

I have a very similar experience with zorpia. I was invited by a spam email, and a made an account, not realizing that it was a non-safe website. Zorpia has now sent over a hundred spam emails and has made me very disappointed. Many of my friends have gotten emails, and some of them have had similar experiences. Have I done any serious damage to my macbook or gmail account? Should I change my gmail password? Thanks in advance.

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